Estate Planning Services Boulder, CO

Estate Planning is the process of planning for major life events regarding your finances, medical powers of attorney, living wills & trusts, and/or last will and testament. Myers Law LLC offers professional estate planning services in Boulder, Colorado, giving you peace of mind that your affairs are in order.

Estate Planning

Probate and Estate Administration

Get professional probate and estate administration with Myers Law LLC. We assist personal representatives, heirs, and relatives throughout the probate and administrative process including help with court filings, real estate transactions, and distribution of assets.

Probate & Estate Administration

Contract Drafting & Contract Review

Myers Law LLC offers more than just estate planning services in Boulder, CO. We also help with the preparation of contract drafting and review including employment contracts, business contracts, and real estate contracts.

Contract Services

Small Business Attorney

Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur? Myers Law LLC offers a variety of legal services for small businesses.

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